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Prescription: It completely corresponds all requirements shown to the radio-frequency equipment, requirements on fire-security and an electro-security. The device is made of euro accessories, has the raised time between failures, an external power unit (under the order it is made for a network of a feed with frequency of 50/60 Hz and pressure of a feed 110/220/230 V).

The apparatus enables:
  • to get a qualitative evaluation of the functional state of the body in terms of topical analysis;
  • to check the effectiveness and effects of different methods employed to influence the body;
  • to assess the adaptive abilities of the body;
  • to make an analysis of the dynamics of change in the functional state of the body in the course of treatment;
  • to reveal the primary nature of the nidus of functional disturbance;
  • to define the character of a pathology using expert systems;
  • to assess the main variables of homeostasis.

The apparatus is designed to operate with IBM-compatible computer.

The NLS analysis system "Biospect"

The minimum system requirements:
  • Operational system - Windows 98/2000/Millenium/XP;
  • CPU - Pentium III not less than 500 MHz;
  • RAM - 128 MB;
  • Video card SVGA Hi-color 1024x768 8 MB or more;
  • Free space on hard disk - at least 800 MB;
  • One free serial port;
  • CD-ROM;
  • Uninterruptible power supply.

Description of the system:

The device is completed by the medium-frequency generator with bearing frequency of 1.4 GHz. Large virtual models of bodies are diagnosed with reliability 80-85%, histological virtual models are diagnosed with a possible incorrectness of results up to 25-35%, genetic structures are diagnosed with a margin error 45-55%. Biochemical substrata are diagnosed with reliability 45-60%. The selective strip filter of an entrance signal suppresses noise at reception of an information signal from the patient. The resonant chamber of the device allows to test any chemical and biological products and to define character of their influence on the concrete patient.

By means of the laser scanner there is an opportunity of carrying out of the medical influence in the form of mora-therapy on any point of an organism with the one-stage dynamic control of results of therapy over the monitor. There is an available database of organic preparations, biologically active additives, medical preparations, biochemical substrata. Results of diagnostics and therapy can be presented on paper and magnetic carriers.

The apparatus is designed to diagnose one patient at a time. It takes about 10 minutes to record the patient's personal data and enter some anamnestic data. The operating cycle takes 30 minutes to 2.5 hours. The operating duties and their adjustment and control are ensured by the computer according to the established program. The information about the results of the diagnosis for a specific patient is displayed on the monitor screen, is kept on a separate file on a hard disk and can be transferred to an individual diskette. The current information is displayed on the monitor screen.

Investigation results can be printed out by a color printer with one to four pictures on an A4 size sheet. Epicrisis can be printed separately.

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