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Data processing devices BIOSPECT series

Data processing devices "Biospect" series are designed for computer simulation of the various state of different biological structures. This equipment allows to spend modelling of the earliest forms of diseases, to reveal predisposition to diseases. The systems of nonlinear diagnostics based on the spectral analysis of vortical magnetic fields of alive organisms give a fine opportunity to receive the fullest information about a state of health at the initial stages of occurrence of diseases.

Hardware-software complexes "Biospect", "Biospect-11" and "Biospect-21" allow not only to fix the information of electromagnetic fields of alive organisms, but also to present it on the screen of the monitor in the form of virtual dynamic model of bodies in the certain colors. Such real images of alive bodies of the person enable not only to spend superearly diagnostics, but also to operate a homeostasis actively.

These diagnostic systems are unique also because they can appoint itself optimum treatment to any disease. When you spend computer comparison on spectral characteristics of corresponding sick bodies, the computer simultaneously make comparison with all available in memory spectral characteristics of medical preparations, and systems "Biospect" series at the same time reveal the most effective means for each concrete disease.

The work of devices is reduced to revealing a divergence of an entrance/target signal on the certain frequencies, individual for each body depending on the sex and age of the patient, and the program entering into a complex, selects the most similar standards of this or that process. Naturally, accuracy of measurement depends on quality of the equipment, and accuracy of classification of process proceeded in an organism depends on conformity of data received by the equipment with statistical given (standards). The doctor, who does the diagnostic, is responcible for the correct reading of the data and for right statement of the exact diagnosis.

The models of the complexes:




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