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Device for Laser Therapy "Biolas-P"

Device for Laser Therapy "Biolas-P"
Prescription:  Home and hospital laser therapy sessions. The device is developed on the basis of semiconductor laser emitters, characterized with a high radiation performance, stability of the parameters, compactness and good serviceability. Technical data of the device comply with the basic requirements of traditional methods, designed and approved for low-energy laser devices of this class.

Technical data:

Wave length of optical radiation, micron
Emitting power, mW
0,2 - 200
Output power setting error
0,3 %
Possible exposure time (timer)
from 1 sec. Up to 29 min. 59 sec., with discreteness 1 sec.
Service life, hours
not less than 5000
Outline dimensions, mm
Weight, kg

Operation mode: continuous or pulsewise-periodic with a pulse repetition frequency from 0 up to 4999 with discreteness of 1 Hz.

  • Therapy of a wide range of diseases;
  • Microprocessor control;
  • High output power of optical radiation;
  • Emitting power slide control;
  • More than 200 built-in spot frequency of action;
  • The continuous and pulsewise - periodic operation mode;
  • Optical fiber connection option.

Complete set of delivery: Mounting attachment for an acupuncture, mounting attachment for operation for the operation in biologically active zones, packing bag, certificate.

The equipment is not produced now.

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